Asbestos Abatement

Complete Restoration provides comprehensive asbestos abatement services and will safely and effectively encapsulate, enclose, or remove asbestos-containing materials on your property. Hiring a professional asbestos abatement specialist protects your health and safety, while also ensures that your home will be safe after repairs or renovations are made.

What Is Asbestos?

Asbestos fibres were commonly used before 1990 in a number of building materials and was primarily used to insulate homes against the cold and noise. Fibres are also commonly found in cement, floor and ceiling tiles, siding, and roofing materials.

When your home or commercial property is damaged or if you are planning renovations, demolitions or additions, it is important to know if asbestos-containing materials are present, and, if so, how to properly handle those materials to reduce your risk of exposure.

Is Asbestos Dangerous?

Breathing in asbestos fibres has been shown to cause cancer and other diseases. There is little risk of exposure when materials are left undisturbed, but when disturbed, asbestos fibres are sent airborne and can be inhaled. Asbestos-related health conditions may take several years to surface after exposure.

What Should I Do?

If your home is damaged by water or fire, it is best to work with a full-service property restoration company like Complete Restoration who can also provide asbestos abatement services. If asbestos is present, we have the knowledge and experience to coordinate both the asbestos abatement and the repairs for a hassle-free experience.

Our experienced team will work with you throughout the restoration process, ensuring you are informed and up-to-date each step of the way. If you are in need of asbestos abatement services, call us today for additional information.

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